The Studio

Opened in 2018 by a lifelong Newtown resident, Millstone Clay Studio is a 1000+ square foot pottery studio designed for all who want to learn the skill of pottery. Here you are encouraged to relax, have fun, and create. The studio is equip with 6 electric potters wheels, slab roller, and plenty of tools for both wheel and hand building. 

All potters are responsible for their own clean up for any equipment, or work stations used.

Clay & Glaze

The studio uses Sheffield Pottery's T360M White Stoneware Clay. It contains a high-iron ball clay with find grog which makes it good for small to medium wheel and hand building projects. There is always plenty of clay on hand in the studio for you to work on any type of project. We use the Spectrum Glazes 1100 Series Cone 4/6 Stoneware Glazes. All glazes dinnerware safe, non-toxic, and lead-free. All pieces fired to Cone 6. All glaze is painted on. We are always experimenting with glaze combinations, and can always explore other glazes if you don't see something you like.