Studio Procedures

1. Be friendly - Positive vibes only! 

2. Everyone is to clean up after themselves, and follow all studio procedures.

3. Be aware of your surroundings when moving around the studio, so as to not bump into anyone, pieces of work, or equipment. 

4. Wear appropriate footwear & clothing that you don't mind getting muddy. Hair tie required for wheel use if necessary.

5. If your work causes destruction to a kiln shelf due to improper glazing, you are responsible for the replacement of the shelf at a cost of $50.  

6. If any equipment/tools are damaged/broken please inform a staff member immediately. 

7. No clay should go down the sink drain - Please practice proper sink procedures. 

8. All slop bucket water should be decanted into the proper bucket, and all slop/unused clay should be discarded into the proper bucket. 

9. Wheels must be sponged down properly after each use. 

10. If you use an area of the work table, you are responsible for cleaning the table with a damp sponge/rag after you are finished. 

11. Nobody except for Millstone Studio staff are permitted past the sink inside the kiln room. 

12. Nobody except for Millstone Studio staff are permitted to touch/set the kiln and/or exhaust. 

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