Open Studio

If you already have some pottery experience, and need a place to practice and enjoy your hobby, Millstone Clay Studio is the place for you! Open Studio is a great opportunity to practice your skills and relieve stress! You have free reign of the studio, and all of the equipment. Put on some music, or a movie, and enjoy! If you are looking for instruction, please see our Private Lesson options. Schedule Online


Private Open Studio (1 Person - Single Single Session) $60

Semi Private Open Studio (2 People - Single Session) $110

Member Private Open Studio (1 Person - 4 Weeks) $240 

Member Private Open Studio (1 Person - 5 Weeks) $300

Member Semi Private Open Studio (2 People - 4 Weeks) $220

Member Semi Private Open Studio (2 People - 5 Weeks) $275

Other Costs

$4/lb. clay used

No Glazing Fee

No Firing Fee


CT Sales Tax is not included in pricing 

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